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Better than metal gear awesome

your style is very cute! I really hope to see this fully animated in the future, but for now 1 star because I'm not a fan of unfinished work in the movie portal. good luck

I want to squish helicopter guy into a ball and store him in my cheek like a chipmunk so I can keep him warm and taste him forever!

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Hi! I found this game to be flawed but very fun! I just wanna let you know the high scores don't load.

stuthemoo responds:

I will fix that issue. Thanks for your feedback!

I luv you bb

being a big fan of the original FLCL this is really cool. I would change the description to say Gainax's FLCL cause they made it Adult swim just aired it. Keep doing cool things :))

SilverwareGames responds:

Updated! I'm a total Gainax fanboy btw. Aim for the Top, FLCL, Diebuster, Gurren Lagann... so many great ones. Then I went on to Trigger with Kill la Kill and all... so much good cheese. (I'm on a low carb diet so cheese is good for me)

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I'm going to fucking stomp on you until you are a fucking stain on my carpet.

Oddlem responds:


The bass floods into everything a little too much, work on mixing. Also I would go to flstudio or something of that nature. You'll have a lot more stuff to fool around with from all over the interwebs and people won't bully you.

BlazingBiscuit responds:

I mean I would if I could man, but i'm very limited, and I mean I gave it my best shot.
Your honest and very realistic criticism is so appreciated <3 you're dank

You seem like a young spirit, and I feel like if you work towards it you could make some cool stuff. One big problem is all your instruments sound like midi. Go out and try to find some cool stuff, there is a cave of interesting software, VSTs, and Soundfonts stuff to mess around with. Your music also doesn't really have a structure, work on melodies and maybe even try and learn some basic music theory. You are unscouted, don't feel bad spamming music or trying new and loud things. This period of your work on Newgrounds is a good chance to get better and try new things, because at most only two people will see it anyways. Good luck.

X2Star responds:

Thank You, I will go and experiment with melodies and see if i can find something i like. I will probably find some better instruments soon and i might as well upload the distorted versions as well.

~ Star

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I noticed you posted many of this drawing with different expressions in the art portal. Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure when uploading it allows you to put more than one image in a post so you can have them all on one post where the user can scroll down to see each image. If you could do that I would appreciate it because it can be annoying when this stuff is flooding the art portal. Otherwise great work!

Sifyro responds:

It doesn't :p

I would KILL! To get my hands on that unique fellow on the top right! I would wear him like slippers and get a girlfriend!!!

ChutneyGlaze responds:

Then do it! Kill, then! You are so obsessed with killing go ahead! Shoot me in the face!

Work on anatomy my friend! because there's allot wrong with her. the boob and shoulder areas don't make much sense and the rest isn't the best either. But your obviously putting effort in so just keep it up! look up pictures of naked people it's ok I WON'T call your mom and tell her I promise! but yeah I like the colors your definitely going somewhere!

Jooshington responds:

Thanks Hotstuff! :D

I am a animatur and also an musician i tink



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being EPIC!!! :))

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